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If I Can’t Take My Camera, I’m Not Going

Photographing the Bluebonnets
Spent some time in the Ennis area taking pictures of the Bluebonnet bloom. All I can say is wow! It was a real good bloom...
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After Traveling to Minneapolis for a photo shoot, that went very well, I headed back south. While traveling, you know me gotta get at least...
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Denver, Chance Opportunity
while traveling back from Denver, I noticed a storm brewing. Since storms are one of the things I love to photograph. I hurried and found...
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The view from Grand View Point Overlook, Such an amazing place! While exploring Arches National Park, I knew Canyonlands was pretty much across the street....
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Wow what a place! while traveling down from Ogden to Vegas, since I had an extra week, I decided to go over to Arches National...
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Stories On The Road

The cost and value of your photographer
People often complain about the cost of hiring a photographer. Let me give a run down on the cost of doing photography Camera bodies cost...
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Finding friends in unlikely places
After leaving Canyon de Chelly I headed to Monument valley, one of the places on my bucket list to photograph. Once getting there I setup...
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Doing a good deed, connecting with people you meet
After traveling to New Mexico and having two weeks until my next shoot in Reno, Nv. , I decided that I would explore Canyon de...
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