After Traveling to Minneapolis for a photo shoot, that went very well, I headed back south. While traveling, you know me gotta get at least one good landscape image, I was blessed with 8″-10″ of snow the night before, So the traveling was slow going. I decided to get off the main Hwy and do some scouting for something interesting. Knowing this was going to be the only opportunity to get a great image with snow, further south hadn’t got any, I came across a cool white barn in the white snow. Took a few shots but was not satisfied, although looked neat in its surroundings. 

So I kept looking, going down rual country roads covered in ice and snow. Then I came across another interesting scene, looked promising but still not it. So I kept going, determined to get something that was extraordinary.

  I decided to take a road that seemed to go on forever to nowhere. To my surprise I came across this lonely white church in the middle of nowhere. By then the light was getting better, and with some patience I was able to get the shot that satisfied my craving for the shot. 

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