After traveling to New Mexico and having two weeks until my next shoot in Reno, Nv. , I decided that I would explore Canyon de Chelly. I had heard much about the place, yet had never ventured to the area. So after a full day of travel I arrived, I got camp setup and was ready for rest before exploring the area the next day. 

After a good nights rest, I set out to travel the main road through the park so I could scout all the overlooks for shooting possibilities. I decided to start with the places closer to camp since it would be on my way back to camp so I could get a feel for exposure. After spending the evening going through the shots in Lightroom, I knew that this place would be best shot as panorama shots, you just couldn’t get the same vast feeling otherwise.


The next day I set out with capturing these spectacular images of this wide open space. I arrive at my first location for sunset, the light was really good. While hiking to get to where I was going to setup on my tripod I notice an elderly couple and we started talking about how beautiful this place was. In talking I discovered it was their vacation celebrating their anniversary and they were taking eachothers picture with a cell phone. Knowing that a cell phone picture really doesn’t come out well for a decent print, I asked them to stand together so I could make one with my camera for them. I asked for their email so I could just send them the high resolution file for them to go have an actual large print made that they could hang on the wall. It is always nice to share your craft with good people free of charge for such special memories.



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